Forex Trading made easy as ABC [COURSESPOINTS FOR MORE 100% OFF COUPONS]

Forex Trading made easy as ABC – With LIVE Examples, Build a solid foundation needed to become a professional Forex Trader.

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Trading Forex can be an ultimately rewarding experience, but you must learn the ins and outs first. Invest time to work on your education by building a solid foundation – it’s the most important aspect of Forex trading.

This Free Foundation or Beginners Course (Introduction to Forex Trading) was created to help novice traders understand the basics of Forex Trading in a non-boring way.

To succeed, you will soon learn, as I did, the importance of building a solid foundation in the basics of Forex education.

This foundation course will help beginners, novice or amateurs to become professional Forex traders in no time. This course is intended to train ordinary people to become extraordinary Forex traders.

In this course, you will learn how the Forex market works, as well as the many different ways to profit from Forex trading.

The purpose of this course is to help you build the solid foundation needed to maximize your profit while you minimize your loss.


Change management: Design Successful Organizational Change [COURSESPOINTS FOR MORE 100% OFF COUPONS]

Publisher : Impact Company

Course Length : 2 hour

Course Price : $90

Course Language : English

Description: Change management: Design Successful Organizational Change | Course Unity

How to Design Successful Organizational Change.

How to engage people and enhance change readiness: “Discover the 4 incentives to drive behavioral change for smooth transitions”

So here’s a quick overview of what you’re going to learn in this course:

· Section 1 discusses the dilemma of establishing engagement with all stakeholders, while achieving results.

· Section 2 gives understanding about challenging stakeholder behaviour in relation to change.

· Section 3 explains how to mobilize people towards ambitions by Enhancing Change Readiness.

· Section 4 shows you how to turn unwillingness into high engagement and achieve results by applying the 4 incentives to enhance change readiness.

· Section 5 elaborates on How to design a collaborative multi-perspective reality by applying the first incentive of Knowing, which leads to understanding.

· Section 6 explains How to design reflection, which is the second incentive, by which stakeholders become motivated to change.

· Section 7 is about How to design a creative and sense-making process that enhances stakeholder ownership by applying the third incentive of Willing, which leads to engagement.

· Section 8 is about How to build an infrastructure for change by applying the fourth incentive of Capable, which enables people to actually contribute to the change.

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How to Write a Professional Business Plan [COURSESPOINTS FOR MORE 100% OFF COUPONS]

Publisher : Long Road Instructors

Course Length : 0.5 hour

Course Price : $24

Course Language : English

Description: How to Write a Professional Business Plan | Course Unity

In this course you will learn how to write a business plan. Key points of research will be laid out so that you are able to develop a strategy and clearly lay out a full plan for your business. You will be given an outline to follow for formatting to ensure that you do not miss any important parts of your business plan. Included in this course is also a PDF example of a business plan for you to reference.

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Selling Options – Iron Condor Basics – Creating a Money Machine [COURSESPOINTS FOR MORE 100% OFF COUPONS]

Publisher : Steve Liguori

Course Length : 1 hour

Course Price : $00

Course Language : English

Description: Selling Options – Iron Condor Basics – Creating a Money Machine | Course Unity

The Secret to Successful Trading is not the Strategy itself. It is the Practice, Development and Repetition that Brings Success!

The Iron Condor strategy can be a great Income Producing Strategy, but most people struggle with it, especially new traders. Why????


  • They are not sure what to do when something goes wrong with the trade.
  • They are not sure what strikes to pick.
  • They are not sure what expiration to pick.

And because of that:

  • They just slap something on that they see somebody else do.
  • They are at a loss for managing the trade because it’s really not their trade.
  • They don’t understand it.

Although this is not a Comprehensive Iron Condor Course, I do want to shed some light on the Iron Condor trade and why it’s worth considering, but more importantly give you an understanding of how average wins and average losses combined with win percentage determines your bottom line.

If you are looking for a comprehensive Iron Condor Course, my “Iron Condor System for Today’s Market Course” is a Great Choice.

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Ideally when we are selling an Iron Condor, we are anticipating that price is going to go sideways. Now, it’s fine if price goes up a little and then comes back down a little. It’s actually great for that to happen because we want to burn off some time. This trade makes it’s money by time passing by and price staying still.  And while the market doesn’t necessarily stay perfectly still, it will often gyrate around a good part of the time and stay within a range.

So, could we find a stock or an index that will stay within a range and could we make enough money often enough to offset the risk? That’s the big key is to offset the risk.

Join me in exploring the Basics of this exciting Option Trading Strategy and more importantly, Learn How to Practice and Repeat Your Strategy to Create a Money Machine!

Who this course is for:

  • New Traders looking to understanding what it takes to be successful before blowing up the accounts
  • Struggling Traders looking to Learn what it takes to Create a Money Machine and Develop a Reliable Options Income Strategy
  • Intermediate Traders who want to Understand the Process for achieving consistent, positive results from their Trades

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Start a business in 5 days with Shopify and ProductListGenie [COURSESPOINTS FOR MORE 100% OFF COUPONS]

Publisher : Tim Sharp

Course Length : 1.5 hour

Course Price : $00

Course Language : English

Description: Start a business in 5 days with Shopify and ProductListGenie | Course Unity

‘Start a business in 5 days with Shopify and ProductListGenie’ will show you how to start a business in ecommerce in the next 5 days. You do not need any prior knowledge of ecommerce and you do not need any technical skills.

The course has been developed by me, Tim Sharp, one of the Internets best-selling ecommerce instructors. Iam an expert in ecommerce with over 20 years of experience and I have sold over 130,000 courses to more than 85,000 students from all over the world.

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Facebook Live Power Course 2019 With Bonuses [COURSESPOINTS FOR MORE 100% OFF COUPONS]

Facebook Live Power Course 2019 With Bonuses, Learn the expertise of Facebook Live!

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I’ve recorded and written a brand new course called “Facebook Live Authority”.

In this course we’ll go over how to use Facebook Live to engage with your audience, build your brand and sell more of your products.

The ability to do Live video on Facebook will be a change for you and your business but gives you the privilege to communicate you and your followers in a different and efficient way!

It’s truly powerful, and something that anyone remotely interested in conveying a message to others authentically, rapidly and widely should jump on and start to use as soon as possible.

You’ll find out and learn:

  • The history of live streaming
  • What makes live streaming so unique
  • What your options are when it comes to creating live content
  • Why Facebook is getting involved and why this is big news for marketers
  • How to get set up with your own Facebook Live account
  • How to build a Facebook page and grow your audience
  • How to create live content for Facebook
  • Tips to make your live videos as engaging and exciting as possible
  • Strategies for monetizing and utilizing live streaming
  • Instructions on how to use advanced features of the platform
  • The future of live streaming and Facebook Live and much more

Course also includes: 63-page Ebook on Facebook Live, Top 10 Resources Tools, Checklist, Mindmap, and Resource Cheat Sheet.


Entrepreneurship: How to Find and Evaluate new Startup Ideas [COURSESPOINTS FOR MORE 100% OFF COUPONS]

Publisher : Ema Mandachi

Course Length : 1.5 hour

Course Price : $190

Course Language : English

Description: Entrepreneurship: How to Find and Evaluate new Startup Ideas | Course Unity

This course will help you generate simple small business and ideas that are meaningful to you. You will learn how to stay motivated, analyze your ideas, and launch them successfully.

Once you begin applying the strategies described in this course, you will create successful business ideas regularly and make your life more adventurous. You will realize that there are few things that can bring as much joy and success in business as the moment when an excellent idea comes to your head.

I have filled this course with exercises to help you find your passion, generate momentum, and stand out from the crowd. The concepts in this course are not complicated so this course will easily help you to uncover your true drive. You will want to pour your passion into this. You will want to outhustle the competition and you will have the tools to stand out.

Using the information in this course, you will have all the methods and tools you need to not only generate great ideas, but also select the most suitable one that is aligned with your vision.

Furthermore, the advice and step-by-step instructions will allow you to improve your way of thinking, ultimately becoming an idea generation master.

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Manage and run projects in Vietnam [COURSESPOINTS FOR MORE 100% OFF COUPONS]

Publisher : Jouni Ruotanen

Course Length : 2.5 hour

Course Price : $24

Course Language : English

Description: Manage and run projects in Vietnam | Course Unity

Latest update: now this course has strategic level!!

In the new section you will learn how to manage your project in Vietnam strategic level. It’s not only communication, it’s not about people. It’s about YOU. How you make it happen? What is your goal? Make it strategic.

Take this course to be prepared your first business trip to Vietnam. Learn how to successfully manage and run projects or other practices in this wonderful country.

My useful tips from project practices and phases will help you in each step in your first project in Vietnam. You will learn also differences from Vietnamese style, what you should know and how to prepare.

This course will not require previous experience in working abroad. If you’re interested to relocate in Vietnam, this will offer you a short view what can be expected.

There will be also many templates for your kick start in project with explanations. These will help you in any case you might be asked for with Vietnamese customer.

Join the course to avoid any problems in the beginning of the project.

Get advanced templates, learning and advice from an expert.

Who this course is for:
  • People who are planning to work or do projects in Vietnam
  • People who are just interested about Vietnamese culture and working style
  • Anyone need to spend more time in Vietnam for work or studying

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The Complete Clickfunnels Training Course For 2019 [COURSESPOINTS FOR MORE 100% OFF COUPONS]

Publisher : Shan Ruthra

Course Length : 1.5 hour

Course Price : $00

Course Language : English

Description: The Complete Clickfunnels Training Course For 2019 | Course Unity

If you’re looking for a step by step walkthrough to go from beginner to advanced with ClickFunnels, then this is the perfect course for you.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never sold a product online or you don’t know how to sell it.

In this training I’m going to walk you through every crucial step of creating a successful sales funnel using ClickFunnels.

Lead Generation

First you’ll learn how to create a simple funnel that’s designed to collect leads.

This funnel will giveaway a free ebook in exchange for your visitors email.

If your planning to build a long term business online you have to collect leads and build an email list.

This training will show you exactly how to build a funnel that’s optimized to collect leads.

Sales Page + Checkout Page

Next you’ll learn how to create a sales page and sell a product.

You can either physical product or a digital product at any price you want.

This funnel will have a check out page where your customer can fill out their credit details, home address and more.

Then you’ll learn how to connect your Paypal or Stripe account so you’ll get paid.

Membership Site

In the advanced section you’ll learn how to create a membership site.

This a funnel where your visitors have to register with their name, email and a new password and then log in to get access to a membership area.

You’ll learn how to create a membership area with access to an online course

This program will set you apart from the pack and will 10 X your skill set in funnel building, sales, conversion and more.

Who this course is for:

  • People looking to create passive income
  • Businesses of all sizes
  • Internet Marketers
  • Web Designers
  • People from any country
  • Anyone who wants to about Building a Sales Funnel

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How To Create Engaging Presentations in 2019 [COURSESPOINTS FOR MORE 100% OFF COUPONS]

Publisher : Matthew Marko

Course Length : 1 hour

Course Price : $16

Course Language : English

Description: How To Create Engaging Presentations in 2019 | Course Unity

Discover How to Create Impressive Prezi Presentations For Your Business… Starting Today!

This video course was designed to help you design your own Prezi Presentation from scratch through tips, tricks, and comprehensive yet easy-to-follow lessons.

Do you feel intimidated by the thought of creating your own professional presentation? Have you run out of ideas on how to make creative presentations? Are you looking for ways to make your presentation more interactive?

The answer to your prayers is here! Create professional-looking, creative, fun, and interactive presentations using Prezi.

  • But what exactly is Prezi?
  • How does it work?
  • Is it easy to use?
  • What is the step-by-step process of building a presentation on it from scratch?
  • How can you make your presentation stand out?

If you’re looking for an easy-to-follow course on how to build your own professional and creative presentation, you’ve come to the right place.

In this video course, you will get the most up-to-date lessons on general functions as well as in-depth Prezi customization options. Find out the tips and tricks the pros use to make their presentations come to life!

We have broken down the lessons into several easy steps, so even if you’re completely new to Prezi, you will be able to confidently create your own Prezi presentation by the end of this video course.

Introducing: “How To Create Engaging Presentations in 2018”

Video #1: Introduction

Before we dig deeper into the Prezi tutorial, you will be given a quick overview of each of the video topics. This will help you to understand exactly what is in store for you and how you can better prepare to build your own professional, creative, and interactive Prezi presentation.

Video #2: Prezi Made Easy

There are a lot of tutorials out there on how to create a great Prezi presentation, but unfortunately many are outdated and some are overly technical. In this video, you will be given up-to-date information on the features and a holistic view of Prezi. As you will learn later on, Prezi is all about first looking at the bigger picture before going into each detail.

Video #3: How to Start Your Prezi Presentation

Speaking of ‘the bigger picture’, this video will teach you techniques for planning your Prezi outline, layout, design, and much more.

Video #4: The Prezi Site Overview

Now that you have your design, layout, and outline ready, let’s visit the Prezi site. It’s important to learn how to navigate the site before you really get to work. In this video, you will be given a tour of the Prezi site so that you know where to find the different built-in tools and options.

Video #5: Start A New Prezi Demo

In order to give you a better understanding of how to go about creating your own Prezi presentation, this video will provide you with a step-by-step demo of building a presentation from scratch.

Video #6: Editing and Customization

Now we’ve come to the part that can quickly become too technical for some people—but don’t worry. This video will give you easy-to-follow instructions on how to edit and customize your Prezi presentation to give it a sleeker, more professional look.

Video #7: Shortcut Keys

There’s no need to go into different navigation panes. Nothing makes life easier and faster than making use of handy keyboard shortcut keys. In this video, you will learn keyboard shortcuts for the most commonly used steps of the editing process.

Video #8: Adding Voiceovers and Background Sound

Recording your own voice or adding background sound can turn your Prezi into a stunning hybrid video presentation. In this video, you will learn how to incorporate your own voice or background sounds into your Prezi presentation.

Video #9: Collaborating Via Prezi

If you have partners, associates, or anyone else that you would like to share your presentation with, you can easily do so through Prezi. Collaborating is going to be a breeze with this video tutorial.

Are you ready to start creating impressive Prezi presentations for your business? Grab this video series today and be on your way to becoming a pro in designing professional interactive presentations!

This training course was designed to help you build your own professional-looking, creative, and interactive Prezi presentation from scratch, and is broken down into 9 easy-to-follow lessons.

Sign Up Now! I am here for all your support along the way!

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