Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Course [COURSESPOINTS FOR MORE 100% OFF COUPONS]

Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Course, Reach 100k+ Audience in one month and grow online.

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Welcome to the course! I’m really excited to tell you that this course is going to change your perspective towards social media marketing. Most of us see social media as a tool to share the moments of life but after this course your way of thinking will change.

I will show you how you can convert your socialising into earning and reach 100k+ audience under one month.

The social media platform we are going to use is Pinterest. The reason of choosing Pinterest is, it is very easy to use and people these days want simplified information or looking for more information in short time.

Pinterest alone can earn you money but it is a very slow process so in order to pace up things I have include other tools to work with so you can increase your growth and earning.

In this course you will learn how you can grow yourself in Pinterest in couple of days and direct your traffic from Pinterest to your blog.

After that when you start getting traffic on your blog you can setup adsense on your account and use that to generate a passive income too.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started and open the window to success.

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Facebook ads for Dropshipping : The Ultimate Guide [COURSESPOINTS FOR MORE 100% OFF COUPONS]

Facebook ads for Dropshipping : The Ultimate Guide, The Ultimate Guide to master Shopify Dropshipping Facebook ads, Learn the best Facebook Ads tactics to succeed.

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“This course is great! Rihab did a great job of creating videos that manage to keep you focused and absorbing all content. She explains in a very simple way which makes the content easy to learn and boring free. I’m only halfway through and already can tell how the investment in the course is paying off.” Gui Serrano

“Rihab is really a genius. I got lots of Facebook ad course but i could not find anything like this course because she pin point all the important things of Facebook add. I wish all the best.” Yasin Chudhury

“This animated course is really a top notch! As a visual learner, I really appreciate this type of presentation. I wish that all other courses are presented this way.” Ahmed Ben Mati

Unless you were living in a cave, you know that ecommerce is one of the best opportunities nowadays to make money online, off course i am not talking about making millions of dollars every month like those gurus who promise you millions by showing you fake screenshot and numbers in order to sell you their 3000$ course.

I am here to tell you the truth! With dropshipping and e-commerce if you work well it will be not so difficult to make between 5 and 15 thousand dollars in your pocket every month.

I am RiHab, a digital marketer, and a bestseller udemy instructor with more than 12,000 student with an average rating of 4,8 stars on my courses i have helped hundreds of students to launch their stores , succeed online and quit their 9 to 5 job, and in this MasterClass i will help you master facebook marketing in order to create and boost your ecommerce business.

Although ecommerce and dropshipping are wonderful revenue sources unfortunately more than 90% of people trying to create a successful dropshipping business just fail and quit.

The reason behind their failures is that they are not applying good and efficient marketing strategies.

Some people try to rely on the organic traffic of google, they put out some videos on youtube, some articles here and there, they might even try google ads to promote their stores and they sit waiting for traffic to come…

Well this type of strategies might work, but the problem is that those strategies are not scalable. If you go this way, it means that people will find out about you only when they go to google and search for your product…

If you have tried dropshipping for a while, you surely know that Facebook ads are the best way to boost your sales and to scale your business, because Facebook Marketing are easily scalable , once you found a winner you can put it in front of millions of potential customers in a couple of hours and generate hundreds and thousands of sales…

Facebook Marketing make you reach people all over the world and not only that it makes you reach exactly the people who might buy your product!

although this seems super promising and easy, the majority of people who try facebook ads fails during the first couple of days and quit.

The majority of people are afraid of investing, they are afraid of loosing money on ads…so they choose a product and they start their facebook ads with a daily budget of 5$, they try one ad text and one photo… they see no result and they quickly surrender thinking that it was a waste of money and they start nagging on social media that facebook ads don’t work, and dropshipping is dead and all this type of crap…

Well i am exaggerating a bit, but I guess you understood what i mean. I can ensure you that Dropshipping still work pretty well but only for people who master the art of facebook Marketing.

If you want to be successful in dropshipping you need to have a complete mastery of facebook ads, you have to know exactly how to target the most profitable audiences, how to do efficient retargeting , how to design attractive photos and videos and how to scale very fast and this is what i will be covering in this master class in addition to many other things….

The Facebook ads tool is very advanced and Facebook has a lot of information about everyone… Facebook knows your age, your sex, what is your favorite music, your favorite sports teams if you have any, your hobbies, what food do you like , what things do you enjoy and facebook even knows if you are single or in couple and a lot more.

This will help you a lot targeting the right people and selling them your products.

Using facebook ads, you can target exactly your potential customers, so if you think that single men between 25 and 38 years old living in Alabama, who owns dog and who are also fans of lionel messi are your potential customers…. you can tune your ads to exactly target them!

and not only that you can also ask the intelligent Facebook algorithm to search for people very similar to those who bought from you and try to sell them another product from your store

Facebook ads offer tenth and tenth of awesome additional options that you can use to maximize your profit.

The basic methods that used to work in 2015 and 2016 are dead, you can never make money just by putting a simple ad and giving facebook some money to run ads. Nowdays, you have to do much more to succeed and this is what i will show you in this master class.

Only people that masters the strategies I will teach here will succeed in making a living or a fortune from e-commerce.

This master class is the ultimate guide of facebook ads for ecommerce and dropshipping, whether you are a complete beginner or an expert, i am sure you will learn a lot from this course.

This master class will not only offer you tons 6of valuable information and strategies , but also you will be learning in a very funny and effective way. the majority of the lectures are white board videos and with a lot of animation designed precisely to make you understand well the concepts and spare you any confusion.

All lectures have some soft background music to help you relax and concentrate. Thru these lectures you will never feel bored or overwhelmed!

I can guarantee you that the strategies you’ll learn in this course are much better and efficient than what you find in the 2500$ (25 hundred) guru course you find on the internet.

Following are some of the things you will learn thru this master class :

– How Facebook works and what do you need to do to create successful ads.

– How to create stunning photos for your products for FREE and avoid the awful photos of Ali-express that everybody else uses.

– How to create a converting video that will catch the eyes of your prospects and make them hit that buy button and pull out their credit cards.

– How to create an attractive thumbnail for your videos.

– How to enhance your copywriting and write better ads text that will seduce facebook users and make them read your ad carefully.

– The things you need to be aware of to not get banned from facebook

– What is a facebook pixel and why it is important for your business and how to install it on your website.

– Which conversion event to choose for your pixel.

– The secret that nobody shows you elsewhere to succeed in Facebook ads.

– How to choose your campaign objective, your daily budget and the devices you want the ad to show on

– How to choose well your target audience, and this will save you a lot of money, because you will not be paying money to facebook to show your ad to people that are not interested.

– How to do efficient retargeting campaigns with different layers and not just basic retargeting.

– How to create an ad with thousands of likes and comments and shares.

– How to read data, and which metrics you need to concentrate on.

– How to know if a product is a winner, when to kill and ad and when to scale it.

– How to scale well your campaigns both vertically and horizontally

– How to use effectively lookalike audiences.

This master class is the most complete course on this subject, if you master the strategies I will teach you here, you will definitely boost your ecommerce revenue and profit.

and You’ll be able starting of tonight to finally build successful campaigns that sells.

This course took literally more than 400 hours of dedicated work : you will not find in this course what you usually find in traditional courses where you usually see a guy in his 0room filming his screen and talking for hours repeating 10 times the same thing with a lot of UGGGHH AHHHH HMMMM. this course was structured and built to save your time and help you to the maximum.. all scripts were prepared in advance with many detailed examples…

Each minutes you loose by hesitating whether to take this master class or not, is a huge waste! Starting from the moment you landed here, your excuses of failing facebook ads are no more valid, because everything you need to know in order to succeed is only one click away from you! Enroll in this course NOW , master facebook ads, and start taking your business to the next level.


Artificial Intelligence Content Creation Tools 2019 [COURSESPOINTS FOR MORE 100% OFF COUPONS]

Artificial Intelligence Content Creation Tools 2019, Let AI tools write content for you automatically.

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You must already have been wondering about the recent rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools in content writing and development. True ! The world of digital marketing is changing day by day.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) already is playing a significant role in the field of content marketing nowadays and is helping us all to automate processes at a time of immense content overload.  You’ve probably even read content written by an algorithm without noticing it – did you ever realize that? The rules of content writing, development and marketing change every year and this year calls for automation.

You must note that blog posts are longer currently, hyper-focused web pages and Google (The big brother) has launched new machine learning updates and is craving for new content all the time to index in the search engine.

This mind-blowing course from “Srinidhi Ranganathan” will ultimately make you re-think about content creation with the power of AI tools, as you will now learn and implement them to speed up the entire process of content development in your organisation. The set of hands-on tutorial videos provided in the course on various AI tools will re-invent the way people would have ever imagined about content creation – for that matter.

Artificial intelligence is also helping digital marketers decipher the ever-changing world of content marketing by analyzing user data and helping marketers make sense of user intent in 2019. So get set go !! Welcome to the new automated universe. Why not join in, before your competitor takes charge. Anyways, hope to see you inside !!


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Free Digital Marketing Basics Course [COURSESPOINTS FOR MORE 100% OFF COUPONS]

Free Digital Marketing Basics Course, It’s time for Digital Transformation.

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Have you learnt Digital Marketing? You haven’t? Well, not to worry! Here is an opportunity for you to start everything from the scratch. I have made 21+ Free Video Lessons to Empower the world and embrace people with my knowledge in digital marketing and my passion for teaching.

I am in a mission to reach out to people and tell them Digital has a business side and it can be used for a purpose.

Like how you define the purpose of Life, I believe you should also define the purpose of Digital Life and here are those 21 lessons that you shall get every single day to master Digital Marketing.


Influencer marketing: Hire right influencers & track results [COURSESPOINTS FOR MORE 100% OFF COUPONS]

Influencer marketing: Hire right influencers & track results, Promote facebook ads and amazon – product marketing and sales. Pixify Amazon ad retargeting and pixel and custom audience.

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YouTube Optimierung – Mehr Klicks, Shares und Abonnenten [COURSESPOINTS FOR MORE 100% OFF COUPONS]

YouTube Optimierung – Mehr Klicks, Shares und Abonnenten, So generierst du deutlich mehr Reichweite mit deinen Videos.

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YouTube Optimierung – Mehr Klicks, Shares und Abonnenten
Dieser  Youtube Kurs hilft dir dabei, mehr aus deinen Videos herauszuholen.

In diesem Kurs zeige ich dir, wie du deine Videos so optimierst, dass du mehr Zuschauer erreichst damit sich am Ende der Aufwand für deine Videos auch wirklich gelohnt hat.

*** In diesem kompakten, aber extrem wertvollen Kurs wirst du folgendes lernen:

  • Wie du deine Videos noch vor dem Upload auf Erfolg trimmen kannst
  • Welche magischen Video Titel für ein Maximum an Klicks sorgen
  • Wie du mit mit Hilfe der richtigen Videobeschreibung für YouTube relevanter wirst
  • Auf welche Weise Video Tags wirklich funktionieren und wie du das nutzt

*** Was dich sonst noch erwartet ***

  • Du hast die Möglichkeit jederzeit Fragen zu stellen, die Andreas beantwortet
  • Du siehst alles gelernte an praktischen Beispiele

*** Starte mit YouTube durch – ganz ohne Risiko ***

Wenn du Lust auf YouTube und Spaß an der Erstellung von Videos hast und du mit deinen Videos erfolgreich sein willst, dann hilft dir der Kurs YouTube Optimierung sofort weiter.

Du erhältst bei Kauf lebenslangen Zugriff auf alle Videos und Kursmaterialien.

Du gehst zudem keinerlei Risiko ein, denn sollte Dir der Kurs nicht gefallen, bekommst du ohne Bedingungen oder Rückfragen 30 Tage lang dein Geld zurück.

Worauf wartest du? Starte deinen eigenen YouTube Kanal und verwirkliche deinen Traum von erfolgreichen YouTube Videos und einem monatlichen Nebeneinkommen mit deinem Hobby YouTube.


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