Write and submit a press release in one day, and get it distributed in only one or two additional days!

This course is a full walk-through where you will learn how to

  • Write your own press release (I show you how to write it line by line)
  • Use freelancers to submit your press release
  • Submit the press release completely on your own


Depending on which sites pick up your press release, you will get these benefits:

  • SEO boost from the extra links you get and overall activity around your brand
  • Traffic to your website
  • Sales from the immediate traffic and long-term sales from getting the boost in SEO ranking


The press release is only 1 page long. I’ll walk you through writing it line by line and you can have it ready right away. Submitting the press release is also a quick process – no more than 30 minutes. Waiting for the press release to be distributed can take one or two days and you are done.

Invest in yourself. Enroll now.

Who this course is for:
  • Entrepreneurs or people doing SEO or trying to get publicity

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